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These are the stories posted on the LIB website during 2019

Warren Golde honored by the Delaware River and Bay Authority
​DRBA honored the work of Warren Golde by issuing a proclamation that the Gateway Garden will herein be known as the Warren S. Golde
Gateway Garden. DRBA announced the action during a small ceremony at the Lewes-Cape May Ferry Terminal Friday, December 20.
The event was attended by Ted Becker, Mayor of Lewes; Fred Beaufait, Deputy Mayor; Dennis Reardon and Bonnie Osler,
members of the City Council. Presenting the Proclamation to Warren was Tom Cook, Director of the Delaware River and Bay Authority.
Also in attendance were Jim Ford and Veronica Faust, the two Delaware commissioners from Sussex County. Several members of the
Lewes in Bloom Board were also in attendance as was Jane Ellan, Warren’s wife.

The honor was a complete surprise to Warren, but as many of the officials in attendance stated, it was definitely well-deserved.
A larger ceremony will be held in the spring when a sign will be installed at the garden. At that time, expect a big celebration!

Front – Jane Ellen Golde, Warren Golde, Marilyn Vai Middle – Sue Crawford, Diane McGreal, Betty Burleigh, Ellen McCathren, Veronica Faust (DRBA), Tom Cook (DRBA) Rear – Tom Ager, Mayor , Former Mayor Jim Ford (DRBA), Dianne Stevens,

Deanna's sponsors new Lighthouse Garden next to Gateway Garden

Deanna’s of Second Street in Lewes has donated funds for the restoration of the garden located by the Welcome to Lewes Lighthouse located on Freeman Highway. Lewes in Bloom has agreed to design, create and maintain the garden for the Delaware River & Bay Authority. Pictured at the sight from left to right are Ed Hynes, LIB; Darica Ward and Jenny Donohue, Deanna’s; and Dianne Stevens, Sue Crawford, and Marilyn Vai, LIB.

Warren Golde supervising the new top soil placement – 11/14/2019

DRBA helps with their backhoe



Pictures of the 2019 Fall Bulb Sorting, Placing and Planting - a huge LIB team effort

Pictures from Halloween in Zwaanandael Park

Pictures from Pumpkin Carving at Lewes Historical Society Complex - October 29, 2019

Grounds for Sculpture Trip Pictures

2019 Fall Clean Up Pictures

LIB Garden in Cervia - Pictures from Daniela and Goran Lindsjo - 9-1-2019
Great Day for BLOOMIN LEWES - Saturday August 17th, 2019

It was a wonderful day for the BLOOMIN LEWES Event.  A good time was had by all.  There were activities, demonstrations, food, ice cream, artists, paintings, craft art, flower arranging, face painting, garden tips, garden discussions and more.

Decorated bicycle at the entrance to Zwaanandael Park

Cate Woofers getting her face painted at Zwaanandael Park

Bess and Millie Alleman having fun with art in Zwaanandael Park

Flower arranging at Zwaanandael Park

Artists display some of their works at Zwaanandael Park

Left to right – Jane Ellan Golde, Mayor Ted Becker and LIB Co-Chair Marilyn Vai

Project Kudos table sponsored by Schell Brothers

Singer – Musician Bill Kenego at Mary Vessels Park

Zwaanandael Park

Artist Siobhan Duggan at Mary Vessels Park

Artist Siobhan at Mary Vessels Park with singer Bill Kenego in the gazebo

Artist Ray Ewing at 1812 Park

Artist Ray Ewing at 1812 Park

Artist Ray Ewing’s painting of walkway along canal in 1812 Park

Artist Melanie Moser in Zwaanandael Park

Artist Melanie Moser painting along side the Zwaanandael Park fountain

Artist Melanie Moser’s watercolor painting of the flowers in Zwaanandael Park

Artist Marybeth Paterson standing next to the Cannonball House but painting a view of the Lewes Post Office across Bank Street

Artist Marybeth Paterson’s painting of the Lewes Post Office

Artist Jim Rehak at the Cannonball House

Artist Jim Rehak’s painting of the Cannonball House

Artist Diane Laird at Otis Smith Park

Artist Diane Laird’s watercolor of Otis Smith Park

Linda Rancourt talking about bees at Zwaanandael Park

Bee Hive on display

Music by Broadkill Music at Zwaanandael Park

Artist Anne Buck at the Fisher-Marten Herb Garden

LIB Co-chairs - Marilyn Vai and Dianne Stevens interview on WXDE Radio - June 15th, 2019

Marilyn Vai and Dianne Stevens were interviewed on WXDE Radio 105.9 FM on Saturday June 15th by Michael Sprouse on the Coastal A & E Program.  

CLICK HERE to see and hear the interview.

First LIB Scholarship awarded to Blaise Hohl

What an Honor

On May 30, 2019, Judy Hanson and Dennis Crawford had the honor of presenting the first Lewes in Bloom scholarship to Cape Henlopen High School senior, Blaise Hohl. Blaise has been accepted at the University of Delaware and is planning to pursue a degree in horticulture.

The Lewes in Bloom scholarship is not a free handout. We require the recipient to perform several gardening and other Lewes in Bloom support tasks. Blaise worked in the herb garden, the corner boxes and Mary Vessels Park. He also assisted at the Christmas Market, attended the breakfast for the International Competition judges and also made the bus trip to the Philadelphia Flower show.

Judy and Dennis are looking forward to meeting a new candidate chosen by the school for the next scholarship award.


Dennis Crawford, Judy Hanson, Blaise Hohl, Nikki Miller (Principal)

LIB Member's Garden Tour - June 4th, 2019

Over 50 LIB members toured the gardens of 4 of our members: Linda McDonald, Paul Roth, Diane Issel and Sue Parks.  What a wonderful day.  The weather was perfect and the gardens were inviting and full of color and variety.

Linda’s waterfall

Linda McDonald’s garden wall

Paul’s climbing hydrangea – over 45 feet high

Paul discussing his garden

Admiring Paul’s Garden

Diane Issel’s raised bed

Sue Park’s Vegetable Garden

Sue Park’s Greenhouse

LIB Team in Cervia Italy

LIB Team with our completed garden Left to right: Jim Stevens, Sue Sandmeyer, Sue Crawford, Ellen McCathren, Cindy DeEmedio, Kathleen Merlo, Warren Golde, Bud Vai, Marilyn Vai, Mary Presta, Linda Rancourt, Dianne Stevens, Ed Hynes and Jane Ellan Golde

Final LIB Garden In Cervia

Cervia – Lewes Logo

LIB Pole People

LIB Team in Cervia with our host Mauro Pardisi

2019 Spring Annual Planting Pictures

Gateway – Joe Rooney and Jerry Virden

1812 Park – Dianne Stevens, John Long and Marty Sechehay

Coldwell Banker – Tre and Marilyn

Fire House

Grave’s – Marilyn watering the boxes

Gateway Garden – Ed Hynes

Gateway – Deb and Frank Cebula

Gateway – Dianne Stevens

Gateway – Rupert Martinez


Gateway – Cindy DeEmedio and Stuart Weiner

Gateway – Becky Forney and Diane McGreal

Gateway – Volunteers from Schell

Warehouse – Diane McGreal offloading annuals

1812 Park

Mary Vessels – Nancy Beck, and Cindy DeEmedio

Mary Vessels

Otis Smith Park

Otis Smith park – Cindy DeEmedio

Otis Smith Park

Otis Smith Park

Post Office

2019 Tulip Dig Photos

Zwaanandael park first timer had a wonderful time

Sue and Linda digging at the Post Office

Post office had lots of color to choose from

Diggers at Gateway Garden

Lovely couple from Annapolis who arrived early at 1812 Park to tulips for his mother. They loved the tulips with the ruffled edges.

Jerry Verden and Bud Vai supervising at Gateway Garden

More diggers at Gateway garden

Another group of diggers at Gateway Garden. 4100 tulip bulbs dug up in under 50 minutes.

Father and Daughter having a great time together digging tulip bulbs at Zwaanandael Park

Daniela’s bicycle loaded with her prizes

Daniela adopted this beauty

More Tulips in Bloom pictures taken 4/12/2019

St Peter’s Barrels

Otis Smith Park

Otis Smith Park

Otis Smith Park

Otis Smith Park

Mary Vessals Park

1812 Park Hillside

1812 Park

1812 Park

Mary Vessals Park

Stango Park

Stango Park

Stango Park

Stango Park

Stango Park

Stango Park

Canonball House

Citizen’s Bank

Citizen’s Bank

Tulips Tulips Everywhere in Lewes - 4/9/2019

Here are some pictures of the tulips in bloom on Tuesday 4/9/2019.

One of the tulip mix at Gateway


Lewes Public Library

City Hall

Zwaanendael Park

Zwaanendael Park

Dogfish Graves Corner

1812 Park – Canal Walk

1812 Park

1812 Park

WRDE Interview with Warren Golde and the first weekend of the Lewes Tulip Festival

Click HERE to see the Warren Golde interview aired on WRDE TV.

Below are some photos taken during the first weekend of the Lewes Tulip Festival of the LIB Booth in Zwaanandael Park.  For the second weekend the LIB Booth will be located in front of Citizen’s Bank on 2nd Street.

Setting Up the LIB booth in Zwaanendael Park Saturday April 6th for the first weekend of the Lewes Tulip Festival

Left to right – Diane Stevens, Deb Cebula and Frank Cebula


Fisher-Martin Herb Garden ready for Spring - New Wattle Fences and Arbors - 4-3-2019

Thanks to Joe Rooney, Trevor Mees, Betty Burleigh, Daniela Lindsjo, Linda Ager, Helen Lawson and Martin Lawson, the Fisher-Martin Herb Garden got its new wattle fencing installed along with reweaving the garden arches with new willow.

Start of Spring Planting - filling pots with dirt at the warehouse 3-28-2019

Many thanks to the great crew we had today

Thanks to the great crew of volunteers today

Putting pots in the flats

Filling the pots with new soil

Having fun playing with the dirt

2nd part of the assembly line

4000 filled flats ready for planting seeds and plugs next week

Photos from the LIB Fashion Show at Blooming Boutique - March 19, 2019

March 2019 - Pictures from LIB Bus trip to the Phildelphia Flower Show