September 2020 Awardees Mary and Dan Jayjock

​The September 2020 beauty spot winners are Mary and Dan Jayjock.

Having a beautiful green lawn accentuated by flowers, shrubs, and trees has always been our vision.  Our garden edges are lined with white Candytuft. Mounding white Petunias are staggered on the next level continuing the white emphasis between the green lawn throughout the summer. Behind the brilliant Petunias are deep red Caladium followed by larger Christmas white Caladium. Finally against the white trim board of the front porch are red Sun-patients.

Located on Carneros Ave., in the Nassau Grove neighborhood of Lewes, Mary and Dan Jayjock’s vision has always been to have a beautiful lawn accentuated with flowers, shrubs, and trees. They designed their gardens incorporating visual lines of emphasis through the use of color, shape and texture that proves to be a real show-stopper. Their patio is a tropical oasis with Phoenix robellini (pygmy date palms) swaying in the summer breezes. Surrounding them with an assortment of flowers and variety of sweet potato plants. In the winter the palms take their yearly winterization trek into the basement where they are cared for with abundance of light and weekly watering. Dan’s artistic skills are displayed in the sun and moon carving displayed in the patio area and the white egret trellis.


left to right – Linda McDonald, homeowners Mary & Dan Jayjock, Ann Marie Rooney, Delores Wardell, Betsy Hansot and Warren Golde