Rollins Community Center

The current Lewes Public Library at 111 Adams Avenue opened its doors in June 2016 after almost 30 years at its previous location in what is now the Margaret H. Rollins Community Center. The Lewes Library is a vibrant and vital part of a 10-acre cultural campus at the southern entrance to Lewes. This campus includes the Rollins Center and Lewes History Museum, the Childrens Learning Garden, Stango Park with its outdoor concert stage and arboretum, and a trailhead for the Junction-Breakwater and Georgetown-Lewes bicycle / multi-use trails.

Lewes in Bloom volunteers help to maintain selected planting areas at the library. The front of the library is wrapped with a row of Japanese Holly (Ilex japonica “Soft Touch”) and False Holly (Osmanthus heterophyllus “Goshinki”) with a Crape Myrtle at each end. There is border space in front of the shrubs and around the Crape Myrtle for bulbs in the spring and annuals in the summer and fall. There are three Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis “Appalachian Red”) trees at the front of the library which are encircled with flowering plants in the spring, summer, and fall.

The garden area along the paved tree-lined walkway (also known as an Allee) from the library entrance through the parking lot to the bicycle path trailhead was renovated in 2022. This renovation removed unruly grasses that had overtaken the area to highlight the twenty Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia “Muskogee,” single stem) that flank the walkway. It had the added benefit of making the benches along the walkway more user-friendly. But most importantly, the renovation provided space for Lewes in Bloom to plant flowering perennials and annuals that bring color, texture, and smell to the space. By early summer 2023, twenty-two raised 30-inch round self-watering planters will be placed along the Allee and planted with an assortment of flowering and foliage annuals. The renovated Allee has become a tranquil respite for Library patrons and trail users alike.

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