Mary Vessels Park

Situated at the corner of Market and Front Street, Mary Vessels Park is the ideal location to stop and rest, eat an ice cream cone and watch the people passing by. A large magnolia tree provides a shady umbrella over a delightful gazebo. Named for Ms. Mary Vessels, first Chairperson of the Lewes Parks and Recreation Committee, in honor of her dedicated service related to Lewes’ parks. – City of Lewes

Cuphea Vermillionaire
Cuphea Firecracker
Begonia Doublet Red
Begonia boliiviensis Funky Pink
Begonia Whopper Red
Begonia Whopper Rose
Bidens Blazing Glory
Celosia Arrabona Red
Coleus Campfire
Coleus Wasabi
Dahlia Mystic Yellow
Dusty Miller
Gaura Passionate Blush
Hypoestes Summer Splash Select
Lantana Bandana Gold
Lantana Confetti
Marigold Durango Red

Mary Vessels Park Hayracks

Begonia boliviensis Funky Pink
Begonia Whopper Red
Begonia Whopper Rose
Sunpattiens Compact Tropical Rose
Red Green Wandering Jew
Purple Wandering Jew
Lobularia Silver Stream
Petunia Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
Vinca Mediterranean Rose

Petunia Rose Stardust
Petunia Sumo Pink
Petunia Sumo Glacial Pink
Salvia Heat Wave Blaze
Salvia Blue Emotion
Rudbeckia Cappuccino
Sunpatiens Compact Electric Orange
Sunpatiens Compact Fire Red
Sunpatiens Tropical Orange
Sunpatiens Tropical Rose
Torenia Solarina Blue Veil
Vebenia bonariensis Cloud 8
Zinnia Pop Art Red/Yellow
Zinnia Profusion Double Deep Salmon
Zinnia Profusion Double Yellow