Lewes Post Office

The Post Office provides a visual anchor for the heart of a historic section of Lewes. If a viewer were to look through the lens of a camera placed above the small city of Lewes and focused on the post office, he or she would see a 100-year- old building surrounded by native plants and colorful annuals. Opening the lens a little wider and looking across the street would reveal the Daughters of 1812 monument commemorating the bombardment of Lewes by the British in 1813 during the war of 1812. Opening the lens a little wider one would see the 1812 Park and the corner of Savannah Road and Front Street where businesses, some in historical buildings, serve townspeople and visitors. Opening the lens still wider, one would take in the view of the Canalfront Park, the Canal, and the greenway that borders it.

Asclepias curassavica Tropical Orange
Begonia San Francisco
Begonia Santa Cruz Sunset
Bidens Trailing Orange
Bidens Trailing Yellow
Coleus Campfire
Coleus Redhead
Dahlia Bishop’s Children

New Guinea Impatiens Harmony Dark Lavender
Lantana Bandana Trailing Gold
Marigold Stardust
Petunia Sakata Blue Star
Ruellia Purple Showers
Salvia Black & Bloom
Sunpatiens Spreading Tropical Orange