Lewes History Museum, Lewes Historical Society Gift Shop and the Ryves Holt House

Lewes Historical Society Gift Shop

The garden at the Lewes Historical Society Gift Shop is located in the front yard of museum at the corner of Savannah Road and Third St. This garden was planted by Lewes In Bloom in Spring 2016. It was designed to beautify this 1898 red brick building and bring seasonal color throughout the year. Featured plants in this young garden include winterberry holly, azalea, oak leaf azalea, hydrangea, spirea, various perennials and annuals in a flower bed edged in historic red brick.

This charming 1898 building was built originally as the Lewes branch of the Sussex Trust, Title & Safe Deposit Company. It’s light and airy space is now the home of the Society’s Museum Store featuring iconic Lewes products, books, and apparel, as well as locally sourced art, food, and crafts.

Lewes History Museum

Located in the Margaret H. Rollins Community Center at 101 Adams Avenue, is the Lewes History Museum. For 54 years, The Lewes Historical Society has collected and preserved tens of thousands of historic artifacts, artwork, documents, maps and photos. Now, with the support of the City of Lewes, a lead gift of $500,000 from the Ma-Ran Foundation, and generous donations, this incredible collection will be on continuous display at the new Lewes History Museum.

The museum serves as the primary source of information about Lewes for visitors, researchers, students, and residents. Enjoy ongoing exhibits featuring Lewes’s maritime history, decorative arts and artists, famous families of Lewes, and our region seen through environmental change. The museum provides ongoing seminars, symposia and presentations, and a wing for community non-profit gatherings.

Ryves Holt House

Located at 218 2nd Street – Delaware’s Oldest — and now part of First State National Historical Park. Lewes’s early history from 1631 – 1787 is revealed here including the story of Zwaanendael, the first European settlement in Delaware, the Mason & Dixon Line, and Lewes’s role in the journey to ratifying the Constitution in 1787.

Lewes in Bloom plants and maintains the large planters in front of the building.



Winterberry Holly – Mr. Poppins
Winterberry Holly – Berry Poppins
Red Tiara Azaleas
Munchkin Oakleaf Hydrangea
Anthony Waterer Spirea
Spirea Double Play Gold
Echinacea PowWow White
Violet Yarrow
Yellow Iris