June 2019 Awardees Morty Bachar and Patty Storms

The Beauty Spot winner’s for June 2019 are Morty Bachar and Patty Storms. Their garden is a large garden complete with a koi pond, pollinators, perennials, vegetables and herbs. For a fairly new garden, 4 years young, it looks very mature and beautiful. Everywhere you look there are amazing colorful plants and flowers, arbors, paths and stone walls. The back yard is adjacent to the woods which is also planted with native plants beyond the iron fence. Most of the plantings were planted by the homeowners and as we all know, plants are always added and moved with each growing season. A beautiful joy to the eye!


June 2019 Beauty Spot Award – left to right – Lois Sechehay, Sue Crawford, Linda McDonald, Patty Storms & Morty Bachar (Award Winners), Marilyn Vai


Many of the pictures posted below were provided by Morty and Patty.  Thanks for letting us see your wonderful garden.