June 2017 Awardee Ellen McCathran


Pictured left to right: Ann-Marie Rooney, Lois Sechehay, Ellen McCathran (Beauty Spot Award), Judy Hanson, Linda McDonald
Picture by Tom DeMarco

Lewes in Bloom (LIB) is pleased to announce that its Beauty Spot award was given to Ellen McCathran on Molly B Road, Lewes. Ellen’s garden is designed for relaxing under the beautiful covered deck in the back of the house. There are full, colorful landscapes from every angle of the yard, which includes shrubs of varied leaf textures and mature trees that give the property some shade. Her trees include dogwoods which were propagated from seedlings given by friends, adding special meaning. Also, epimedium, a heart-shaped ground cover (common name “barrenwort”) for massing, was propagated from Ellen’s parent’s home in Chevy Chase, MD. It adds color and texture to the garden. A quaint cottage garden shed has a special place in the yard for all of Ellen’s tools of the trade. Ellen’s yard is a neat, serene, well-appointed space to enjoy the outside.