July 2016 Awardee Mike Conrad

Mike’s garden meanders over a large piece of property which he cleared and covered with topsoil himself, an accomplishment that took just four short years. Initially, the property had only three trees and now is a vast natural landscape filled with beautiful combinations of perennials, annuals, vegetables, shrubs, evergreens, and lovely crepe myrtle trees. Mike has two hydrangeas from the Lewes Stango Park that were available a few years ago when the LIB Children’s Learning Garden was created, and they are thriving in his backyard! Gardens were created and a path of green grass leads you in and around beautiful islands of color.  Bird houses, artistically made by Mike from recycled materials, make his yard a home to many varieties of birds. The whimsical arbor from old wood beckons visitors into the mystic of the woods beyond the yard. The pond and fountain provides a beautiful vista from the deck and covered porch to enjoy the many islands of beautiful color. This is a tranquil Beauty Spot to enjoy.