July 2016 Awardee Janice Pinto

Janice Pinto created a well-balanced, serene garden with several focal points.  The backyard contains a multitude of limelight hydrangeas, flowering bushes and plants incorporating contrast in color and texture, and a topiary gardenia.  The garden pond is lined with granite stones from the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, and the garden shed has a beautiful black walnut door hand-made by Janice.  Like awardee Paul Roth, she provides a sound environment for birds, butterflies, and wildlife using organic methods.  Janice was given three plants from Abruzzo, Italy by a friend – a fig, oleander, and a Sirius succulent that are cherished in her garden.  Several water fountains and ornamental garden statues add to the garden’s charm.  The formality of the center square paved garden along with the water feature, plants, and grasses is the perfect vista from the raised porch off the back of the house.  It also serves as a great foreground to a beautiful crepe myrtle and the open field beyond.