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 A picture perfect sunset. LIB 2017 Sunset Cruise

Text by Marilyn Vai; Photos by Bud Vai.

Forty-nine LIB members set sail on Thursday, Sept. 21st for a 2 hour cruise and all came back. It was a picture perfect night and a great time was had by all! What a great way to end the summer season!

Picture Perfect Cruise

Sandy Ahn, Nancy Beck and Sue Townsend enjoy the view


Lewes in Bloom October Meeting: Cooking with Dry Herbs

Text by Dave Beck; Photos by Sandy Ahn.

Denise Clemons, writer for the Gazette and Master Gardener, spoke first about drying herbs, explaining that it was best to cut fresh herbs in the morning, after the morning dew has evaporated. The cut herbs should never be dried in the sun, the oven or the microwave. Instead the herbs should be “beaten” on a dry paper towel, then hung to dry, e.g., with the aid of simple rubber bands and paper clips. She noted that there were generally three classification of herbs: culinary, botanical, and medicinal. Once the herbs were dried, they could be stripped from their stems and stored in spice jars (away from light and heat for best preservation), and should be used within one year. The stems could be used for infusing olive oil or vinegars. Finally, she noted that a teaspoon of dried herbs was equivalent to a tablespoon of fresh herbs. In just 10-15 minutes, she demonstrated how to prepare three different recipes using herbs— quinoa salad (prepared with parsley), glazed peas (prepared with tarragon and thyme), and mushroom paprikash (prepared with paprika)—and with the aid of volunteers distributed samples to all the members present. Attendees came away with not only recipes of these dishes, but new knowledge about using herbs in cooking.

Denise Clemons



OAK Construction sponsors LIB – Citizens Bank Garden

Oak Construction Company of Lewes, which builds small to large homes and businesses, donated $500 to Lewes in Bloom in July to sponsor the Citizens Bank Garden on Second Street. The $500 will be used to purchase plants for the garden and maintain it throughout the year. Lewes in Bloom thrives on community support such as this. Lewes in Bloom Co-chair Nancy Phillips said, “Contributions such as this by Oak Construction allow us to improve and expand what we do for our city.” Joann Purnell of Oak Construction noted that she is impressed and pleased by the way Lewes in Bloom enhances the entire city and wants to foster its efforts.

Left to right: Matthew Oak Purnell, Vice President, Oak Construction; Joann Purnell, Secretary, Oak Construction; Tina Thurman, Branch Manager, Citizens Bank; Marilyn Vai, Lewes in Bloom Board of Advisors; Nancy Phillips, Co-chair, Lewes in Bloom Board of Advisors; and Fred Phillips, Lewes in Bloom Board of Advisors. Photo by Sue Sandmeyer, Lewes in Bloom


Thanks to the initiative of Eileen Larkin, Ellen McCathran and Daniella Lindjo, the planter at the entrance to the warehouse driveway has gotten a facelift with new plants.

Planter at Warehouse Driveway Entrance
Thanks to Eileen Larkin, Ellen McCathran and Daniela Lindsjo


LIB Warehouse Undergoes Improvements

Text by John Hanson & Photos by Judy Hanson

The Lewes Board of Public Works warehouse space that LIB uses has recently received many improvements. The warehouse area, inside and out, has been renovated, reorganized, and cleaned up! Thanks to the efforts of many LIB members, (also known as the LIB Warehouse Team), the warehouse on Schley Avenue in Lewes has a new door, a new area for plant storage, an improved ramp to the lower warehouse, new lighting in the lower warehouse area, additional shelving, work space and storage areas, and onsite water access. All of these improvements will aid LIB in the many activities throughout the year including the receipt, storage and planting of tulips and annuals, and the staging and preparation of activities such as the Christmas Market, LIB Plant Sale, and the Tulip Celebration. It is now much easier to locate tools and other items stored at the warehouse as well as working inside at the existing work spaces. Future improvements are being considered such as repainting of the walls, further clean-up of the outside areas and further clean up and reorganization of the lower warehouse area. Our many thanks to all of the individual and group efforts of the LIB Warehouse Team members! We are very fortunate that the City of Lewes has allowed us to use this space so we need to continue be good stewards of the warehouse. Any LIB individuals or groups who are using the warehouse –inside or out– are asked to clean up after themselves so that the warehouse stays organized and clean.


“Oval Twister” Will Enhance the Beauty

and Cultural Environment in Lewes

A Lyman Whitaker sculpture 

Lewes residents know the importance of offshore winds and its impact on our daily lives. The University of Delaware has created clean energy with its wind turbine, as it prepares the next generation of earth, ocean and environmental scientists. Art in Bloom, a committee of Lewes in Bloom, will install a wind-driven Lyman Whitaker sculpture titled “Oval Twister,” at the Trail Head next to the New Lewes Library.

Internationally recognized, Whitaker’s sculptures are located throughout the world at venues including the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, the Hill-Stead Museum of French Impressionism, and numerous hospitals and hospices in the United States, as well as private collections in North America, Europe and Australia.

Known variously as wind sculptures or kinetic art, Whitaker’s works have a natural theme. His goal with each piece is to “inspire a stronger bond between mankind and mother earth.” The 18’ tall sculpture, which spins on sealed ball bearings, is handmade of industrial grade copper and marine grade stainless steel. The effect of salt air to the copper will cause the sculpture to develop a weathered patina look. His sculptures are built to last for generations. Even a small amount of wind can set the sculpture in motion. In Lewes, it surely will be in motion most of the time.

The Whitaker sculpture will also enhance Lewes’ natural beauty. Lewes is known as “the most beautiful small city in the United States,” and a sculpture is a natural extension of the city’s lovely parks and gardens. While residents and visitors are already attracted to the beautiful plantings throughout the city, a sculpture in Smith Park will arouse interest and invite visitors to sit and ponder how moving air sustains the earth. As the artist has stated, “When visitors see art in an area, they know that they are in a community where art has a dominance and importance”.

Kinetic, or wind art when set in motion can be mesmerizing. It allows us to see, if only in our imaginations, the ways in which we are connected to the wind and the air and the breezes around us. In colonial times, a wind-driven whirligig could be made with lead musket balls or buttons from a sewing kit. Farmers and sailors have used weathervanes for years. These ancient wind devices, functional or playful, make a kinetic sculpture historically appropriate to Lewes as well.

Art in Bloom’s mission is “to enhance the beautification and cultural environment of Historic Lewes and the community at large by means of public art.” While Lewes in Bloom is currently best known for its beautification through floral displays and landscaping – Art in Bloom strives to add outdoor art (such as sculptures, and perhaps murals and mosaics) in Lewes’ parks and other public spaces to enhance the cultural beauty of the city. Jane Ellan Golde, chair of Art in Bloom said “Art and beauty come naturally to Lewes. Lewes in Bloom and Art in Bloom want to continue to enhance the natural beauty of Lewes for a community that values art and culture. Public art also contributes to a city’s openness and welcomes people in a unique way.”

Photo courtesy of Whitaker Studio



During April, the Peninsula Gallery hosted “Springing Into Summer” – a multi-artist, multi-media exhibition. The Gallery donated 10% of its proceeds of the sales of these images to the Garden for All Ages for a future art-related project. Additionally, there was a raffle of a framed acrylic painting by Lewes artist Jane Ellan Golde.

Left to right: Diana O’Hagan, Tony Boyd-Heron, Jane Ellan Golde, and Nancy Phillips surround the raffled painting Color in Bloom, donated by Jane Ellan Golde. Tony drew the winner’s name and Nancy announced the winner. Photo by Tom DeMarco

To kick off the month-long show, a reception was held on Saturday, April 1 at Peninsula Gallery. Tickets for the raffle for the Golde painting were sold throughout the month at the gallery, at the Tulip festival LIB table, and at various LIB events. The winning ticket, held by Dottie Papp of Lewes, was drawn on April 30.

The proposed Garden for All Ages, which would be overseen by Lewes in Bloom, will create a multi-use space in Lewes for the enrichment of children and families for environmental awareness, appreciation of the beauty of nature, and for public gatherings. It is hoped that the garden, located in Stango Park and the area in back of the new library, will be completed within 2 to 3 years. Fundraising efforts are just beginning.


LIB Cookbooks for Sale


Order Online

The LIB cookbooks are here! $20 each and selling like hotcakes! They will be for sale at all the LIB events and some local merchants will carry them soon.  Contact Linda McDonald at for more information.

Lewes in Bloom’s Children’s Learning Garden Chosen by Staples to Receive $3,500 Grant

Lewes in Bloom’s Children’s Learning Garden has been awarded $3,500 by Staples Foundation, the private charitable arm of Staples, Inc., through a program called 2 Million & Change that allows Staples Associates around the globe to direct donations in the total amount of about $2 million each year. John Muldoon, Staples Associate, was instrumental in making the donation come to fruition.

Pictured left to right: Dennis Crawford, LIB Board of Advisors; John Muldoon, Staples Associate; Nancy Phillips, CLG Chair and LIB Co-Chair; Judy Hanson, LIB Co-Chair; and Warren Golde, LIB Foundert

Nancy Phillips, Chair, Children’s Learning Garden said “The funds will allow us to provide even more educational hands-on experiences to Lewes’s children and families”.

St. Michaels in Bloom

by Warren Golde

About a month ago I received a phone call from Mary Lou McAllister in St. Michaels, MD., who said a group of
local residents and business people were thinking of starting a beautification program. Mary Lou has been a
frequent visitor to Lewes and admired our plantings. She asked her friends in Lewes for a contact person and
they put her in touch with me. In late April, Jane Ellan and I were invited to visit St. Michaels and talk to their
group about LIB. They arranged for us to stay at The Inn at Perry Cabin and we had dinner at Mary Lou’s
house with a few other people involved with starting the beautification program.
The next morning I gave a presentation to about 25-30 people and showed them LIB videos and PowerPoint
presentations and answered a myriad of questions: ”How did we get started?”, ”What are the costs involved?”,
”Where should we plant first?”, ”How do you choose your plants?”, and many many more.
On May 3 I received a call from Mary Lou saying St. Michaels in Bloom had been formed and that a group from
St Michaels would like to come and visit Lewes this summer to view our plantings and see firsthand what and
how we do things. We set July 10 as the date for the visit with details to be worked out later. Subsequently, I
received a call from Lynne Kleinburg, who said she has been anointed the ‘Warren” of St. Michaels in Bloom.
She told me where they decided to start their plantings and asked me for advice on where to purchase
I forwarded Lynne a thumb drive with a list of our plantings and sources and wished them success in their new
venture and offered our help whenever needed.
I hope our patrons will be available when STMIB visits in July so they can showcase their areas and answer
any questions that the visitors may have. I think the visit should be an opportunity for a great photo op and
publicity article for LIB.

Lewes Wins America in Bloom

PO-and-AIB-sign-and-volunteers-sml-300x266WE WON!!!

Lewes, DE was awarded the America in Bloom Outstanding Achievement Award.

This award recognizes an overall winner of excellence in each of the six judging criteria plus community involvement. Because Lewes had won in categories prior to 2015, we competed in America in Bloom’s “Circle of Champions.”

While there are more than 200 cities across the U.S. that compete for a wide variety of awards, only 13 cities are among the AIB’s Circle of Champions. Lewes volunteers spent hundreds of hours planting thousands of plants throughout the city to promote the beautification and maintenance of Historic Lewes, increase environmental awareness, teach children about planting, and showcase our exceptional floral displays. Because of the number of entries, the Circle of Champions Award was divided by city size and we won in the small city category.

Lewes won the America in Bloom contest in 2003, 2005 and 2010 for cities with population under 5,000. In 2012 Lewes was honored with the “Circle of Champions” designation. This honors the achievement of communities that have won a combination of three population and/or criteria awards over the years.

More details here.