Children’s Learning Garden

The Children’s Learning Garden was established in 2013 by Lewes In Bloom and is located in Stango Park in Lewes, Delaware. Stango Park is located along Kings Highway, at the corner of Adams Avenue and serves as the gateway to Lewes. The park is home to the former Lewes Public Library, now the Margaret Rollins Community Center and the LIB Children’s Learning Garden – City of Lewes

The Children’s Learning Garden mission statement is to create a learning garden where families can see how local fruits, flowers and vegetables grow. The garden will provide hands-on experiences through supervised activities by Lewes In Bloom volunteers and community members.

The garden hosts activities on Monday and Friday from mid-June through August. The Monday activity is a garden inspired story hour. Lewes in Bloom works with the Lewes Public Library and their Children’s Librarian to present stories and garden activities. Friday activities include music, arts and crafts, science and cooking. Local experts are invited to present programs to the children such as Beekeeping, How Seeds Grow, Healthy Eating, Garden Insects, and our Lady Bug Day. The attendance varies from 30 to as many as 60 children and their parents.

Local children along with children’s groups such as the Boy and Girl Scouts and local After School Programs are invited to participate in the planting and maintenance of the garden. These same children also participate in harvesting the fruits of their labor.

The garden receives its direction from a committee of approximately 25 members who meet monthly from March through September planning activities and planting schedules.



CLG_-logo_jpg_200The Children’s Learning Garden grows local fruits, vegetables and flowers. It provides hands-on experiences through supervised and planned activities. It teaches children about the important role that butterflies and other pollinating insects play in our environment, how plants clean the air, and where food comes from.  Activities at the garden are on Mondays and Fridays at 10:30 a.m. from June until the end of August.

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