August 2023 Beauty Spot Awardee – Cecelia Cardano

Cecelia Cardano

Thank you for the honor of the Lewes in Bloom Beauty Spot Award! I’m definitely a work in progress when it comes to gardening. It’s certainly been a process of trial and error, learning what is most hardy and works best in the hot summer sun here in Lewes.  I love vibrant colors of all kinds and plant a mixture of annuals and perennials to provide just that. I love the usuals such as Black-Eyed Susan’s, Cone Flowers, Lantana, Portulaca, and Mini Zinnia’s to name a few.  This year I added some new and different bordering plants that have done well.  I find the creativity to most rewarding, and the daily maintenance and caring for to be somewhat meditative and relaxing.

The flagpole was the original flagpole at the old Beebe Hospital, so it’s quite old! I felt fortunate it was here when I purchased the vacant lot in 2018 and designed the garden around it. Unfortunately, many of the perennials were scorched last summer during an intense storm.  Ground lightning from the open field behind the house traveled and I believe eventually hit the flagpole underground. It blew a large hole in the garden and scorched everything in its path.  Mulch was strewn all throughout the driveway. The boom was so loud and intense it knocked me out of my dining room chair. This spring, I patiently waited for any signs of perennial life.  Needless to say, nothing sprouted and new plants were planted in their place.  Again, my garden changes continuously and remains a work in progress much like my gardening skills!