August 2022 Beauty Spot Awardees – Mary and Barry Founds

Left to Right – Linda McDonald, Mary Founds, Lois Sechehay


Barry & Mary Founds

The gardens at our home have changed several times over the last 25+ years.  With the addition of the pool, English garden shed, raised beds and most recently the removal of our neighbors three mature trees between both properties. This has meant relocation of plants many, many times…. sometimes it was a BIG challenge…but much fun and enjoyment, which is understood by most avid gardeners. Her mother and Great Grandmother inspired Mary for her gardening addiction! She also enjoys lots of color throughout the season; therefore, there are numerous perennials and annuals among the gardens, which bloom from spring to late fall.

The two flowerbeds at the front of the house have variegated and green Liriope, Astilbe, various Hosta, a selection of Heuchera, Limelight Panicle Hydrangea and mop Head Hydrangea.

When entering the back of our home from the side gate, a fall blooming, white Camellia greets one. Three large stacked garden pots are planted with Dazzle Berry Sedum and different annuals each year. Various floral beds and a raised bed are in this area also with a pool and English garden shed. This houses a planter’s cart, garden tools, pots, baskets and pool supplies. It also supports a window box and Hummingbird feeders for the return of the birds each year. With the backdrop of a pond, we see butterfly, dragonflies, large and small heron, deer and an occasional fox. It’s nature at its best here in Lewes.

When spring arrives, there’s a lot to do so we can enjoy our own “Outdoor Paradise.”