August 2021 Beauty Spot Awardee Pam Rankin

August 2021 Beauty Spot – left to right – Dianne Stevens LIB Co-Chair, Pam Rankin owner, Linda McDonald, Lois Sechehay, Betsy Hansot and Lauren Rush

Pam was drawn to the simplicity of this late 19th century home and the potential of the large open lot behind it. At one time it was part of a small farm with a barn that stood on what is currently Zwanandael Park.   Although purchased in 2004, it was not until she moved to Lewes full time in 2016 that Pam set to work to make it the lovely showcase it is today. Gardening is in her genes. Her grandparents owned a farm in Virginia and her mother is a talented ornamental gardener. Pam’s own 30-year career was in floral design and one can see her well-honed talent everywhere.

In the side garden, harmonious colors play against foliage textures, while vertical interest is provided by David Austin climbing roses and large round pots topped with stunning trellises and mandevilla reaching toward the sky. Beyond the driveway, a bed of abelia and hydrangea in shades of pinks and blue is shared with clusters of calla lilies that will bloom throughout the summer. Notice the hayrack baskets along the fence planted with Picasso petunias, silver falls and sweet potato vine.

Once you enter the garden gate, you are in a private sanctuary enclosed by a variety of shrubs and shaded by tall specimen trees: sweet bay magnolia, crepe myrtle, cryptomeria, and a curly willow. Most were planted in memory of beloved family members. Various colorful perennials located on two sides of the back garden will provide interest through late summer.  A collection of sculptural elements, garden objects, and farm implements excavated by the resident dogs, add whimsy and character as one explores this very personal garden.