August 2016 Awardees Ellen and Kenny Schnabel

Ellen and Kenny created a serene landscape and a backyard courtyard for interest and enjoyment all year. Ellen’s vision was to provide a well-balanced garden with several focal points, particularly in the back yard. There you will find a multitude of courtyard container plantings, elm, crepe myrtle and maple trees, grasses, and limelight hydrangeas that frame the lovely pond and water fountain. She utilizes containers for evergreens on the courtyard so that there are pretty plants to view in the winter. Her beautiful crockery is highlighted with bright spots of colorful flowers. Ellen’s trick for the plants in containers all year is that come late fall/early winter, “if the containers get dry, the plants die, but if they remain uniformly wet upon ground freeze, the plants are set”. While viewing the garden, a green heron, hummingbirds, yellow finches, and butterflies dropped in for a visit. This garden’s courtyard is a very inviting place to sit and relax while listening to the pond’s fountain.