Art in Bloom

The Art in Bloom Steering Committee. Front Row: Carolyn Marshall and Jane Ellan Golde. Back Row, Ed Zygmonski, John Lester, David Beck and Warren Golde

Lewes in Bloom participated in the nationwide America in Bloom competition and symposium in Holland, MI in September 2015. The delegation who represented LIB, including founder Warren Golde, his wife Jane Ellan, and Linda and Dennis Davison noticed sculpture and other art forms in the many gardens and public spaces throughout the town. They also noted that other cities participating in the nationwide America in Bloom symposium showcased art in their gardens and landscapes.

Lewes in Bloom representatives returned home having won the “Circle of Champions Award for Small Cities,” which earned Lewes the right to call itself “The Most Beautiful Small City in the United States.” Soon thereafter, Jane Ellan learned that Gavin and Lou Braithwaite (former owners of Puzzles and Lewes Gourmet) had also been discussing the idea of bringing sculptures and other forms of outdoor public art to Lewes.

The three met – and the result is a new initiative for Lewes called Art in Bloom, which falls under the auspices of Lewes in Bloom. Its mission is “to enhance the beautification and cultural environment of Historic Lewes and the community at large by means of public art.”   While Lewes in Bloom is currently best known for its beautification through floral displays and landscaping – Art in Bloom wishes to add outdoor art (such as sculptures, and perhaps murals and mosaics) in Lewes’ parks and other public spaces to enhance the cultural beauty of the city.

Art in Bloom’s Steering Committee includes Jane Ellan Golde chair, Carolyn Marshall, Warren Golde, John Lester, and Ed Zygmonski.  David Beck is the liaison to the Lewes in Bloom Board of Advisors. 

City Council approved the concept of Art in Bloom and the placement of public art in public places in January, 2016. In June of 2016, Mayor Ted Becker appointed an Ad Hoc Committee chaired by Councilman Rob Morgan to study the concept more fully and to develop guidelines.  Other committee members include Councilman Fred Beaufait, Parks and Marina Administrator Alison Kirk, Gavin Braithwaite, Jane Ellan Golde, Diana Beebe, and B.J. Clark. Councilman Morgan is committed to moving forward as quickly as possible, but deliberations continue.  A single document outlining procedures and guidelines will be presented to City Council for its final approval.

The next meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee is November 17 at 1:00 pm at the Net House. The public is invited to attend.

Many have volunteered for special projects including Art Selection, Site Selection, Grant Writing, and Photography, and continue to work on aspects of the project that will enable us to move ahead quickly once the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee are adopted.

Major fundraising initiatives will begin once the city has accepted guidelines and procedures for placing art in Lewes. However, Art in Bloom is most appreciative of receiving a grant from the Greater Lewes Foundation for start-up costs.

Donations for operating expenses are gratefully accepted and can be made by sending Art in Bloom a check at PO Box 61, Lewes, DE 19958, or going to the Lewes in Bloom website .  Select “Choose an Option” and click on “Art in Bloom.” 

Your enthusiasm and support are appreciated. We have every reason to believe that we will move forward with the support of the Mayor and City Council in early 2017.

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