AMERICA in BLOOM – 2021 Competition

Inviting All Members:

The LIB Board has voted to enter the America in Bloom self-nominating competition this year to celebrate our 20th Anniversary along with America in Bloom’s 20th Anniversary.  Winners will be announced at AIB’s virtual Symposium in the Sky September 29-October 1st.

Just because you may be new to LIB doesn’t mean your help is not needed. Your ideas and skills can be a valuable addition to other members knowledge of past endeavors.  We encourage all of you to participate in this fun and team building event in the category or categories that you select.

Listed below are descriptions of the Achievement Award categories and the Special Award categories we would like to enter.  We need your participation to prepare our nominations in the selected categories.  The plan is to form teams so we can submit nominations in as many categories as possible to increase our chances for a major award.  Materials from past competitions can be used as a guide in preparing the nominations.  Nominations are due by July 31st so time is of the essence in getting started.  Please select from the category or categories (maximum 3 per person) in the SIGN UP form below.  Please SUBMIT your SIGN UP by JUNE 21st.

The fantastic work done by previous volunteers for our 2018 Communities in Bloom competition entry is available to read on this website CLICK HERE.



Eye-Popping Pots – Best Use of Containers in the Landscape This award looks for dramatic plant combinations using color, texture, and growth habit effectively. Numbers of planters and containers and uniformity of growth will be considered. This award will look for good choice of plants as well as overall dramatic effect with bold foliage and color.

Catching Community Spirit – Digital & Social Media Communications Award Social media and digital technology are vital tools to communicating with volunteers, engaging the public and, showcasing community transformation. This award recognizes the community that most effectively and creatively integrates them into its In Bloom efforts.

Best Dog Park They say man is a dog’s best friend. Along that line, dog owners know their pet is a great companion and part of the family. Dog parks provide a safe way to provide your four-legged friend with social interaction and exercise. While dog parks are good for your canine companion, dog parks are also good for community development as more and more people are moving to and investing in communities that provide amenities for pets. This award recognizes the community with the best dog park.

Most Impressive New Project or Program This award recognizes a community that has used innovative policies and strategies to solve a particular challenge, initiate a new project, fund a program, etc. This collaborative initiative resulted in measurable outcomes and increased community vitality.

Best Community Garden Program In some areas, it just is not possible for every citizen to have their own garden, so community gardens are the answer. This award recognizes a community gardening program that best improves people’s quality of life by providing a catalyst for neighborhood development, stimulating social interaction, encouraging self-reliance, beautifying neighborhoods, producing nutritious food, and creating opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education.

Community Champion – This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies community leadership through actions that reflect the mission of the organization. The award recipient, who must be from a community that has participated or is currently participating in the program, will have demonstrated a vision and selfless commitment to moving the community forward.

YouTube Video Award – Be Part of the YouTube Video Contest! – Post a video of your community’s involvement with America in Bloom for a chance to win $1500! Any past or present AIB participant is eligible. The length should be between 2 to 3 minutes, and the video must be uploaded to YouTube. The submission deadline is August 26. Suggested Video Contents – Benefits of AIB involvement , Before and after photos/videos , Perceived economic benefits of AIB to the community, Elements that can be used for grants, promotion, or marketing.