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Lewes in Bloom Flowers
Lewes in Bloom Flowers

Garden renamed in honor of Warren

A sign dedicating Gateway Garden as the Warren S. Golde Gateway Garden was erected by the Delaware River and Bay Authority to honor all the work over the years and dedication of the Founder of Lewes in Bloom.

DRBA sign dedicates Gateway Garden as the Warren S. Golde Gateway Garden

Lewes Drawbridge Mosaic Mural Is Finally Here

Southwest Mural

Southeast Mural

Northwest Mural

Northeast Mural

100-foot mural designed by local artist and rendered by Lewes in Bloom volunteers is finished and the first 2 twenty-five foot long sections were installed on the Lewes Drawbridge north side bridge accesses on Wednesday 11/4 and Thursday 11/5.  The remaining 2 sections are scheduled to be installed on the south side accesses starting Monday 11/9.

Here are links to the WRDE story and Cape Gazette articles on the installation of the mosaic mural:



Now that the mural is completely installed we will move on to maintaining it. More than 20 volunteers are lined up to start weekly inspections. They are armed with kits to make on-site repairs and know how to reach the appropriate people for bigger repairs if needed.

Lewes in Bloom volunteers and supporters gathered at the home of mosaic mural artist Lorelei Meanor on Sept. 24 to celebrate the completion of the 20 panels that make up the 100-foot mosaic mural that was placed on the Lewes Drawbridge. Art in Bloom, a committee of Lewes in Bloom, oversaw the project. The creation of the mural started in January but had to be stopped in March due to Covid-19. After guidelines about best practices for groups to work together and remain safe were adopted, the mural work continued outside from July through September.

All of the many species of fish and marine wildlife depicted in the mural are native to Delaware waters.

CLICK HERE to go to the Art in Bloom News Page to see the Mosaic Mural Project Photo Gallery with over 100 pictures of the project from the start through its completion.

The mural is a public art project. Lewes in Bloom members from ages 20 to 80 came together to create art that tells a story about our vibrant waterways and the life that resides within it. Most of the volunteers who worked on the mural had little or no experience with mosaics. But with coaching and mentoring from artist Lorelei Meanor, they persevered and showed up week after week to ply their newfound trade to create this tour de force. “When the project began, I had no idea that so many people would be interested and dedicated. More than 50 volunteers spent over 1000 hours to bring this to reality,” stated Meanor. Sue Sandmeyer, Art in Bloom co-chair and mural project manager stated that “2020 has been a challenging year on so many levels but this wonderful concept was brought to fruition during the pandemic. This mural is a tribute to Lewes’ creativity, volunteerism and to the power of artistry, perseverance, and commitment. So many people played a part in completing this mural and ensuring long lasting beauty and inspiration for residents and visitors alike.”  Once hung, an outdoor reception will be held to commemorate the mural and all who contributed to its achievement. A sign describing the project and listing those who donated more than $500.00 will be placed near the bridge.”

Donations for the Lewes Drawbridge Mosaic Mural can still be made either online CLICK HERE TO DONATE. Or you can mail a check to: Art in Bloom P.O. Box 61, Lewes, DE 19958.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, a public gathering and dedication of the mural will not be held now, but hopefully in April 2021. However, look for a plaque installed near the bridge describing the process and listing major donors.


Lewes Drawbridge Mosaic Mural Volunteers

Artist: Lorelei Meanor

LIB Volunteers – Barbara Coburn , Betty Burleigh , Bud Vai , Catherine Cofrancesco , Cecelia Friend , Christine White , Cindy DeEmedio , Cynthia Lanni , Daniela Lindsjo , Dave Beck , Denise Bridgens , Diane Issel  , Don Coburn , Eileen Larkin , Elaine Peas , Ellen McCathran , Helen Lawson , Jane Ellan Golde , Karen McKinnon , Karen Ryder , Kath McGuiness  , Kathleen Merlo , Kathy Shea , Laura McGrew , Linda Ager , Linda Leishear , Linda Rancourt , Lois Sechehay , Mardi Thompson , Marilyn Vai , Mary Drennan  , Mary Presta  , Mel Danskin , Melissa May , Mimi Grube , Nancy and Fred Phillips , Pam Brown , Pam Meador , Renee Everett , Robin Snow , Samantha Eames , Savitri Khalsa , Sharon Marquart , Sue Crawford , Sue Sandmeyer , Terry Lake , Walt Makos, Joe Rooney,  Ed Zygmonski, Marty Sechshay, Rich Robertson

Mural Facts

The mural is 2-feet by 100-feet and consists of 20 5-foot panels

Oversight: Art in Bloom, a committee of Lewes in Bloom

Project Director: Sue Sandmeyer, Co-Chair, Art in Bloom

January 2020: Creation of panels started

March – July 2020: Work stopped due to COVID 19

September 2020: Panels completed

Artist: Lorelei Meanor

Approved by DelDOT

Date for mounting on bridge: November 2020