1812 Memorial Park
Lewes in Bloom Flowers
Lewes in Bloom Flowers

LIB Presents the 2022 America in Bloom Award to Lewes City Council

At the December 12th Lewes City Council Meeting, Lewes in Bloom presented the 2022 America in Bloom Award for the Most Beautiful Small Town in America to Lewes Mayor Andrew Williams. 

Front Row – left to right – Warren Golde, Sue Sandmeyer, Ed Zygmonski, Mayor Andrew Williams, Marilyn Vai, Second Row – Lewes City Council Members Carolyn Jones, Tim Ritzert, Khalil Saliba, Candace Vessella

LIB Marches in the 2022 Lewes Christmas Parade

Members of the LIB Decorating Committee designed and built the LIB Float for the 2022 Lewes Christmas Parade.  The theme this year was an old fashion Christmas with a large gingerbread house with Christmas trees decorated with flowers and flowerpots filled with oversized candy.  A good time was had by all of the volunteers who marched in the parade.  Scan thru the pictures below to see the construction of the float and the group parading down Savannah Road.

LIB volunteers gather in front of our float awaiting the start of the Lewes 2022 Christmas Parade

LIB Elves busy decorating downtown Lewes

The members of the Lewes in Bloom Decorating Committee have been very busy decorating 2nd Street, Mary Vessels Park, 1812 park, Graves-Dogfish Corners and Zwaanandael Park.  Enjoy some of our pictures of the elves at work and their creations.

Click on a picture, then scan thru all of our pictures.

LIB Volunteers have been very busy this fall

planting over 30,000 spring bulbs in Lewes 


LIB decorates downtown Lewes for the Fall

Take a walk down 2nd Street, stop at Bank Street Plaza, over to Mary Vessels Park and then to 1812 Park.  Enjoy the Fall decorations thanks to the Lewes in Bloom Decorating Committee.


America in Bloom 2022 Evaluation Report of Lewes

The America in Bloom judges, Evadne Giannini and Ed Hooker III, spent 2 full days in Lewes in July 2022.  They were here to look at Lewes, not just the LIB gardens.  They did tour our gardens and also visit many other areas of Lewes and met with many local residents and local community group representatives.  They prepared a 22-page comprehensive evaluation of Lewes.  Please CLICK on THIS LINK to download or just read all or a portion of their evaluation report.